Sample Submission

Samples must be accompanied by a completed Chain of Custody, and appropriate documentation for safe handling (i.e. WHMIS Documentation, Transportation of Dangerous Goods documentation, etc. if applicable). Please read and understand our sample receipt and payment policies before sending samples.

Processing samples received without proper documentation may be delayed until required information is received. Samples may be discarded at client’s expense if completed documentation is not received within 10 days.

Sample Submission Policy

  • Samples for Emergency TATs must be received no later than 1 PM for same day reporting (if same day service is applicable).
  • Samples received for any analysis after 3 PM will be logged in as of the next business day.

Asbestos Sample Container Requirements

  • All samples must be received in sealed containers (ie. properly sealed ziploc bags.
  • Exterior of sample container/bag must be free of dust or debris.
  • One sample consists of one product only, and individual products MUST be collected and sealed in separate containers.
  • Sample containers must be appropriate WHMIS labels with the following information:
    • Sample Description (should match Chain of Custody & Analytical Request Form).
    • Product Description (i.e. Floor Tile, Vermiculite, etc).
    • A statement indicating the contents may contain asbestos.
    • The statement Hazardous laboratory sample. For hazard information or in an emergency call and an emergency telephone number.

Samples may be rejected if improperly packaged. Persons bringing improperly contained samples into Bio-Chem Consulting Services (1980) Ltd. premises will be billed for any and all Damages & Cleaning costs incurred (including but not limited to costs related to lost business, medical expenses, air testing & clearance). Please note that these are based on Alberta Government Occupational Health & Safety Guidelines.

For after-hours drop-off procedures and locations, please click here.


Accredited & Proficient

CALA - ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory

Bio-Chem Consulting Services (1980) Ltd. maintains on-going successful participation in various proficiency analytical testing programs from AIHA and CALA, and maintains ISO 17025 accreditation for these services through CALA.

Our licensing with Health Canada allows us to offer a wide range of OTC/NIFP & DIN product pharmacological testing.


Please refer to our Scope of Accreditation for details.

Accreditation Certificate

CALA Accreditation certificate-HEALTH CANADA Drug testing licence

Health CANADA Cannabis testing licence