Sample Submission Policy

  • Samples for Emergency TATs must be received no later than 1 PM for same day reporting (if same day service is applicable).
  • Samples received for any analysis after 3 PM will be logged in as of the next business day.

Payment Policy

  • New clients (individual and corporate) submitting samples for the first time must prepay before results are released.
  • Returning (but still new) corporate clients have Net 10 terms until a satisfactory payment history has been established.
  • Upon establishment of satisfactory payment history, terms will be increased to Net 30 from day of invoice. Client will be advised.
  • Overdue accounts are subject to interest charges at 2% per month.
  • Payments accepted by cheque or credit card (VISA or MasterCard) only.

Turnaround Times (TAT)

TAT indicates the estimated number of business days required for an analysis to be completed.
Analysis or reporting may occasionally take longer than the stated TAT. If results are absolutely required by a specific date, please indicate this on the chain of custody, and confirm with Bio-Chem Consulting Services Ltd that the appropriate TAT option is selected.

Some services may be eligible for expedited TATs as per the following fee schedule (actual TATs vary by service)

  • Regular (no surcharge)
  • Priority (50% surcharge)
  • Rush (100% surcharge)

Handling/Disposal Fee

Current disposal cost/sample applies.

Large scale H/D fees are available for large projects.

All samples received are subject to this fee, even if no analysis is performed or samples are picked up by client following analysis.

This fee helps cover:

    • Administration charges for sample receipt and reporting.
    • Storage of samples
    • Safe disposal of samples


Accredited & Proficient

CALA - ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory

Bio-Chem Consulting Services (1980) Ltd. maintains on-going successful participation in various proficiency analytical testing programs from AIHA and CALA, and maintains ISO 17025 accreditation for these services through CALA.

Our licensing with Health Canada allows us to offer a wide range of OTC/NIFP & DIN product pharmacological testing.


Please refer to our Scope of Accreditation for details.

Accreditation Certificate

CALA Accreditation certificate-HEALTH CANADA Drug testing licence

Health CANADA Cannabis testing licence