After Hours Sample Drop-off

Drop Chute and Drop Box Locations

Small Sample Drop Chute

  • No keys required
  • Small coolers
  • Small bags
  • Envelopes

Ideal for:

  • Small coolers
  • Small bags
  • Envelopes

Large Sample Drop Boxes
(available upon request)

  • Secure locked box (keys required)
  • Supplies for pickup (sample bottles, air cassettes, etc.)
  • Rental equipment pickup & return

Ideal for:

  • Large samples
  • Larger coolers
  • Fragile samples
  • Equipment
Call in advance to arrange access our large drop boxes after hours

Suggested Coolers for Drop Chute

Coleman 1/2 gal Beverage Jug
1.9 L (2 qt) capacity

Coleman FlipLid™ 6 Personal Cooler
27cm L x 18.5cm W x 17.5cm H, 4.7 L (5 qt) capacity

Note: Please ensure samples and coolers are sealed to prevent damage or contamination when using drop boxes or drop chute. Also ensure all samples are accompanied by a completed chain of custody form, and any additional required documentation (ie. MSDS). The customer is responsible for the sample until samples are received during the following regular operating hours of Bio-Chem Consulting Services (1980) Ltd. Any damage to samples or rental equipment placed in the drop chute are the responsibility of the customer.


Accredited & Proficient

CALA - ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory

Bio-Chem Consulting Services (1980) Ltd. maintains on-going successful participation in various proficiency analytical testing programs from AIHA and CALA, and maintains ISO 17025 accreditation for these services through CALA.

Our licensing with Health Canada allows us to offer a wide range of OTC/NIFP & DIN product pharmacological testing.


Please refer to our Scope of Accreditation for details.

Accreditation Certificate

CALA Accreditation certificate-HEALTH CANADA Drug testing licence

Health CANADA Cannabis testing licence